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Less than £1 / room per month

30 Day full service trial

Get FREE unrivaled hand holding with our go-live configuration assistance. This includes:


Training session Technical account manager Unlimited support Data import Implementation assistance Video walk through for every user type

Telephone support 9-5


Up to 75


150 – 299


Monthly cost Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Users Unlimited….. Unlimited….. Unlimited….. Unlimited…..
Hosted on Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud
Work Orders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Full job and cost history
Preventive & Scheduled Maintenance Available Available Available Available
Work requests for all
Asset & Equipment management
Meter & temperature readings with graphs
Contracts management Available Available Available Available
Certificates and licence management Available Available Available Available
Jobs assigned to external Contractor
Contractor login
Tablet and mobile version
Document Storage
Pre-populated data fields with Hotel terminology
Data import
Live Dashboard

Optional modules:
Preventive & Scheduled Maintenance and Diarising
Contract management , licensing and certificates


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