28 Feb 2014

Socially connected

Social and Crowd-sourcing.

The Hotel Controller taps  into today’s need for collective shared success.  This relies on ideas behind communities and crowdsourcing where all users actively contribute to the success of not just their business but indirectly to the rest of their industry.

Social and crowdsourcing elements are woven into the fabric of The Hotel Controller.The collective experience of users and the best practise methods in maintenance can be accessed and shared by all users.


Anonymize and Share

Some processes or assets detailed could be commercially sensitive therefore all information shared is anonymised.  Users can elect to share either some or all information with whole community, or just their own brand or group.  Alternatively sharing can be turned off.


Machine Hive

Users of the system will see an immediate benefit to them of identifying machine details e.g. AC unit.  It can then be matched to data held in the machine hive,  enabling a stream of pertinent information to be fed to the operator relating to this particular model.

The user will not  only gain insights into the particular history of this machine such as breakdowns and faults, but will be able to have access to shared user manuals, technical documentation and any repair procedures.



Rewards and Gamification

The term gamification refers to the use of game-like tactics or strategies to enhance user engagement. This is used throughout the Hotel Controller and is done through the implementation of tiered statuses: badges for prescribed accomplishment, posting leaderboard rankings, catalogued prizes for redemption.

For the maintenance and repair operators, this would, for example, encourage them to consistently attach to machine records up to date user manuals, repair procedures and step by step user instructions.  All this important information then becomes accessible to everyone.  Essential in high staff turnover environments like the hospitality industry.

Positive results are realised not only for that particular business but extend to other communities using the Hotel Controller.



Users from different hotels can communicate in a controlled and secure way with each other.  They can ask for advice on a repair from others whom they know have a similar asset or can check on a supplier’s quality of work.



Supplier Hive

Suppliers and contractors are constantly reviewed in the system on their work quality and delivery effectiveness.  This information is held in a centralised Supplier Hive.  It contains a master list of suppliers and contractors along with user reviews.  It also has latest certification and insurance documents and each supplier which is stored centrally, along with details of products and services delivered to others in the hive.

The benefit of this is huge reduction in the time spent on  vetting new possible suppliers and contractors.  Any that have specifically worked on an asset similar to one you own is flagged up as a possible alternative, or you can just use this facility to benchmark your existing supplier against others.